April Newsletter


Where is the time going I cannot believe we are to April already and the Easter Bunny will be visiting!

Please chat with Deborah & Emma if there is anything you are unable to eat and they will do their best to find an alternative for you. Please make sure you order the correct meal when you arrive as Deborah and Emma will be unable to change this when they are serving lunch, also when you phone & order a lunch please can you specify what lunch you require if it is the one on the menu or the alternative to save any confusion.  Remember lunch must be booked by 11.00am.  We also have a nice range of homemade cakes, biscuits, plus sweets and chocolate treats. Please Note only Day Centre Drinks can be consumed here, we cannot have people bringing in their own drinks. If there is a drink (non-alcoholic) that you would like to see on the servery please let us know, please do not bring in drinks and ask us to keep behind the Servery, we do have a nice range of cold drinks, hot drinks (Tea, Coffee, Cappuchinos,Horlicks, Bovril,Hot Chocolate and cartons of juice and water. We have put survey forms on all tables, please fill them in and place in plastic sleeve by the white board in the dining room, we cannot improve if we don’t have your comments.  PLEASE NOTE THE SERVERY WILL BE CLOSED 12-1PM EVERY DAY. We will NOT be storing any items in the fridge or freezer that have been purchased from the shops as we have had a number of issues that have arisen so please be mindful of this when purchasing your goods.

Please also be mindful on how many shopping bags you take home on the bus as we are limited for space!

We are now selling a variety of items on our ‘Sales Trolley’, wrapping paper, sellotape, bingo dabbers, age birthday cards, tissues, deodorants, combs etc., please let us know if you would like to be able to purchase any other items from here and we will do our best to provide them at a very reasonable price.

We have our entertainment programme for April Card Bingo, games Afternoon,Quiz,crossword challenge  and songs of praise. Please do participate in our entertainment and activities afternoons, it takes a lot of time and effort to organise, plus it is a means of social interaction for everyone, and as they say ‘the more the merrier’.

We have also introduced a craft & art table in the lounge, please spend some time during the day to test your skills ask Louise or Helen for help to pass the morning by.


On April 3rd we have Sassi Gifts visiting 10am-12pm, so come and grab a bargain and then why not stay for Chair Yoga with Charles at 1.30pm.

On April 17th we have Sharon Mobile Fashions visiting 10am-12pm, so come and re vamp your wardrobe!

April 23rd is St George’s day so we will have a special menu and we will be having an Easter Special.

On 26th April it is the Day Centres 31st Birthday so we will be having free Tea and Cake in the Afternoon.


Please see separate posters for our outings for April.


Please note the day centre will be closed Friday 19th April (Good Friday) and Monday 22nd April (Easter Monday).




Annette & Wendy